Sustainable clothing from SOUHUI

With many more people seeking to make greener and more ethical choices when it comes to fashion, sustainable clothing has really taken off. The trend for fast fashion is certainly on the wane, as people are beginning to shun the ‘wear it once and then discard it’ attitude in favour of more eco-friendly and enduring clothes. That has been the main driving force behind Souhui, taking a more sustainable and ethical approach to create Korean Hanbok inspired clothes which are a healthier choice for the wearer and the planet.

I have always been passionate about the environment and about fashion, but the two haven’t always had an easy relationship. With Souhui, I am setting out to change that.


All the garments produced by Souhui are made from sustainably sourced materials. The dyes used to create these exquisite, hand-made clothes are derived from flowers which would otherwise go to waste, making use of resources others would simply send to landfill. We spend millions of pounds a year on flowers, yet millions more are wasted on those which are cultivated, bunched and wilt during their short shelf life.

Beautiful as they may be, I was shocked by the harm which is done by this over-cultivation and waste, and decided this was where I could make a difference. All the flowers I collect are steamed at high temperatures to kill off any bacteria and pesticide residues, before the natural pigments are extracted from the flowers and used in the traditional Korean Hanbok method to dye the fabric.

As the flowers I use are varied, no two batches of dye are ever the same and the effects are beautiful and unique. Each garment is designed and crafted to the highest standards, using natural materials which have minimum impact on the planet.

Greener and healthier

I want every wearer to feel they’re clothed in a little piece of the natural world. As a mother working to support her family, I truly believe we can leave the world a better place for our children if we make greener and more ethical decisions over how we shop for our fashion.

While Souhui is only small, I believe I am making some difference to the health of our planet by bringing my customers fashion with the lowest carbon footprint. Each garment I produce is as unique as the person who buys it; watching each person put on a garment that enables them to express their individuality and being able to be a part of their journey is why I love my work so much.


Image Credit :

Photography by Magic Owen

MUA Anastasija Potjomkina