I remember a poem my mother used to keep under glass on her desk,

"flowers bloom most beautifully when they go through the harshest of storms",

which has stayed with me and resonates through my work to this day. She always supported me through my life, never sympathising but always there when I needed her, something which I always attributed to the academic in her.

Since her passing these memories of her have become bittersweet with the complexity of our connection, to the souls that gave us life in the crushing void of their existence. She is sorely missed, especially when the days are as sunny, and the wind is as crisp as today; bright and yet still shadowed, as her smiles were. She was my hero. The First collection <KARI>, is an homage to her.

Dying fabrics using perishable natural sources and making them last is like a reflection in that it’s a way to keep hold of my memories of her in ever more vibrant and lasting ways. In each and every sparkling moment of ‘beautiful truth’ we recall of those lost, should be the way we remember them by.